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How do we view God? 

I just saw this article on the Huffington Post, written by Scott Dannemiller who is a speaker, author, blogger, worship leader, leadership consultant and former missionary with the Presbyterian Church (USA). The article is entitled 'The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying' and it makes for a challenging read. As Scott asks, is The Almighty some sort of sky-bound, wish-granting fairy who spends his days randomly bestowing cars and cash upon his followers?

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Coventry Cathedral Event 

Last Sunday 15th May - Pentecost Sunday - saw huge gatherings in six major cathedrals across the UK - Canterbury, Durham, Exeter, Winchester, York and  Coventry. We were invited to lead the sung worship at Coventry Cathedral. 

1,200 people gathered in the Cathedral for the ‘Your Kingdom Come’ celebration. The evening began with a video message from the Archbishop of Canterbury, who ended his message by leading everyone in praying the Lord’s Prayer. The service went on to reflect on what the Lord’s Prayer…

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This Is The Day 

It is really good to see the line-up for this year's 'This Is The Day' event in Budapest, Hungary. The EZAZANAP team continue to host excellent events. If you are able to get along, you will have a wonderful time.

On BBC Radio 2 

I'm always encouraged to hear my songs played on the radio, especially when it's BBC Radio 2. 'Heaven's King' which I co-wrote with Dutch singer/songwriter Kees Kraayenoord, was played last Sunday morning by Diane Louise Jordan on The Sunday Hour. You can listen to the entire programme HERE. 'Heaven's King' was the second song played at around 6 minutes 30 seconds. 

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You couldn't make it up!  

Be careful if you are getting on a plane this week. It seems that fear and paranoia knows no boundaries these days among the travelling public. I just read this article on the BBC News website and was amazed that intelligent people behave in this way. I tend to do a lot of Killer Su Doku on long flights. I guess I will have to be careful when scribbling my workings-out on sheets of paper. Click on the image to read the article.

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Back in Berlin 

On Friday, Tricia and I will be flying up to Berlin, Germany to perform at a concert with Norm Strauss and Isabel Ment. Berlin became a second home to me between 1998 and 2006 and I have always enjoyed playing there. It will be good to meet up with lots of friends and I am sure we will have a great show. Full details and tickets are at the ufafabrik website.  Here is a little taste of Norm and Isabel performing together to when your appetite.

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Songs of Resistance and Comfort 

I recently saw a flurry of activity on Facebook regarding a conversation between Bono and Eugene Peterson, on the subject of songs. Thinking about that, I remembered Fugitive Music in the UK, who produced a great album of original worship songs back in 2015.

'Songs of Resistance & Comfort Vol. I' is a different kind of devotional album that wrestles with the connection between worship, justice, and creative expression.   

It's a call to peaceful arms for practitioners of the Politics of Jesus, poured out…

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UK April Tour Begins This Week 

Tricia and I will be touring the UK from 12th to 24th, with a series of concerts featuring our newest material, classic songs and conversation, in "An Evening with Noel & Tricia Richards". We start in the North East of England and work down the country, finishing in Leatherhead, Surrey on the 24th. For all the details CLICK HERE

Encouragement is so important. 

I thought it would be an idea to write and share something really important. We all like to be encouraged and thrive when we receive appreciation. I have really been encouraged by the overwhelming messages of support for 'Our New Venture', which we posted on APRIL FOOLS DAY, last week. However, if you have not realised it by now, it was a spoof. We are not hanging up our guitars just yet, in order to run a wine shop/bar, here in Mallorca. We are still sticking with the day job. But if we ever change our…

My New Venture 

Having lived in Mallorca, Spain for almost 6 years, I am delighted to announce that visitors to the island will be able to visit my new wine shop. As well as regular wine tastings and excellent wines for sale, I will also be performing concerts every Friday evening. Tonight is the very first one. If you are in Mallorca this weekend, Tricia and I look forward to welcoming you.

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At the present time, Noel is focussing on concerts with his wife Tricia. Their show - "An Evening with Noel & Tricia Richards" - features, songs and conversation about life, love, friendship and spirituality, in an intimate acoustic setting. They play in any kind of venue - homes, cafes, pubs and theatres. If you want to enquire about booking Noel & Tricia for a gig, please complete this FORM and they will get back to you. A full list of their current shows can be found at NOELANDTRICIA.COM