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I Have A Vision 

I have just read a blog which was recently posted by American teacher and writer Charles Strohmer. It reproduced the Rev. John Peck's "I Have a Vision" statement for the church, which has influenced many people around the world. 

John Peck was a Baptist minister who co-founded the Greenbelt Arts festival and has been described as “The Least Known Best Theologian in the World”. He was minister of Framlingham Baptist Church in Suffolk (1978 – 2003) and Thaxted Baptist Church, Essex (1959-65). He died on 1…

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You Laid Aside Your Majesty 

This was the second congregational worship song that I ever wrote, back in early 1985. I was at home one evening, taking care of our son, while Tricia was out. I was sitting playing my guitar when the melody popped into my head. As always, the tune inspired the lyrics and the song was finished by the time Tricia got home. I was not convinced that the song would work so a few weeks later, played it to my good friend Ishmael (Ian Smale). He told me that the lyrics were a bit twee, cliched and needed some…

All over this world.... 

When we were preparing for the event at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin Germany, people asked if there would be a song written specially for the occasion. I have never been one who can write to order, so it was not on my list of things to do. However, on the Monday before the event, I was at home with Tricia and our good friend Wayne Drain from Arkansas, when inspiration struck. One of those "right brain burst" moments. Together, the three of us worked on the melody and lyrics and wrote "All Over This World"Read more

Ten Years After 

This weekend, on 15th July, will be the 10th anniversary of the "Calling All Nations" event at the Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany. After many years of planning and some false starts, around 25,000 people gathered in that famous venue, from more than 40 nations. Those taking a part in the programme, came from Canada, France, S. Korea, Spain, USA, UK, Germany, South Africa, Australia and Holland. All of them gave their time and energy freely, to participate in this very special day. If you were there, maybe…Read more

The Hudson Taylors 

Many of you have come to gigs by The Hudson Taylors, since we first started performing together in 2001. The combination of an Irishman - Brian Houston, A Welshman - Noel Richards and a Cherokee/Scot - Wayne Drain, has worked well in live shows and in recordings. After a short hiatus, the last album 'The Lord Bless and Keep You' is now available online once again. Click on the image to access it via iTunes. Enjoy!

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Why WOULD Anyone Sing in Church These Days? 

Having been closely involved in the current, modern 'worship' culture since the 1970s, I am always interested in articles such as this one by Jonathan Aigner. Take a a few minutes to read this and feel free to comment. The full article is reproduced below, but you can also read more from Jonathan by visiting his site:  HERE

Why don’t people sing in church anymore? 

A quick trip down Google’s memory lane reveals that the internet has been talking about this regularly since at least 2012. And everyone seems…

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Mission Worship Conference 

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Mission Worship Conferences, hosted by Kingsway Trust. I was involved in many of these events and have been invited back to lead a late night event on Saturday 19th November, with Dave Bilbrough and Chris Bowater. We three guys have worked together many times over the years, so I am expecting that our set will be a special occasion for all the delegates. Tickets for the weekend are now available from the WEBSITE, so check it out and see who else will be taking…Read more

The Boss 

Clive Price's blogs are always so well written. He went to see The Boss last night at Wembley Stadium, London, UK and wrote this piece afterwards. Click HERE to read.


How do we view God? 

I just saw this article on the Huffington Post, written by Scott Dannemiller who is a speaker, author, blogger, worship leader, leadership consultant and former missionary with the Presbyterian Church (USA). The article is entitled 'The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying' and it makes for a challenging read. As Scott asks, is The Almighty some sort of sky-bound, wish-granting fairy who spends his days randomly bestowing cars and cash upon his followers?

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Coventry Cathedral Event 

Last Sunday 15th May - Pentecost Sunday - saw huge gatherings in six major cathedrals across the UK - Canterbury, Durham, Exeter, Winchester, York and  Coventry. We were invited to lead the sung worship at Coventry Cathedral. 

1,200 people gathered in the Cathedral for the ‘Your Kingdom Come’ celebration. The evening began with a video message from the Archbishop of Canterbury, who ended his message by leading everyone in praying the Lord’s Prayer. The service went on to reflect on what the Lord’s Prayer…

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