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Noel's Story

Noel has been active in the Contemporary Christian Music scene since the early 1970s, when he started performing regularly in South Wales. He was born and raised in Llantrisant, a small town close to Cardiff.  

As time went on, Noel began to travel and perform further afield and in 1976 moved to Plymouth, Devon, where he joined a youth church and began a life-long songwriting partnership with Tricia. They were married in 1978. During the period from 1977 to 1980, Noel & Tricia were part of a local band called 'Shamgar' and they played concerts throughout the West of England. The band produced one recording 'Getting Closer'.

Shamgar concert 1970s. l to r: Tim Bliss (bass), Dave Lambdin (flute), Brian Mead (drums), Tricia, Noel

Shamgar concert 1970s. l to r: Tim Bliss (bass), Dave Lambdin (flute), Brian Mead (drums), Tricia, Noel

Move to Cobham

Early 1980s. Performing at a gig with Sheila Walsh at Hilton Hotel, Cobham, UK

Early 1980s. Performing at a gig with Sheila Walsh at Hilton Hotel, Cobham, UK



In 1980, Noel & Tricia moved to Cobham, Surrey, just outside London and the next 10 years saw Noel working throughout the UK, with trips to New Zealand and South Africa. There was also a period in 1982, when Noel had regular gigs in a number of bars in the greater London area.

1985 saw the publication of what is probably Noel's most popular song – 'You laid aside Your majesty'. This was followed in 1987, by Noel & Tricia's best known composition – 'All Heaven Declares'.

The late 1980s saw Noel release two solo albums – 'The Danger Line' and 'Lionheart'. Both of these are still available in digital format at Noel's BANDCAMP website.

As the 1980s drew to a close, Noel worked alongside Graham Kendrick and others, in March for Jesus, which regularly drew large crowds at the London marches, numbering tens of thousands. The biggest, was the 1994 Global March for Jesus Day in London's Hyde Park, when around 80,000 attended.


Wembley Stadium



The experiences of March for Jesus inspired Noel to consider taking the famous Wembley Stadium in London, for a day of Christian music. From 1994 until 1997, Noel toured throughout the UK with his band, promoting this event and in June 1997, 45,000 people gathered at the stadium for 'Champion of the World', the biggest Christian Music event ever held there.  


1997 - Noel on stage at Wembley Stadium - Champion of the World Event

1997 - Noel on stage at Wembley Stadium - Champion of the World Event

Berlin & Beyond

2006 - Berlin Olympiastadion. Section of the crowd at 'Calling All Nations'.

2006 - Berlin Olympiastadion. Section of the crowd at 'Calling All Nations'.

Following this event, Noel set his sights on Europe and embarked on an ambitious plan to take the Olympiastadion in Berlin, for a Christian Music event. Over the next 9 years, Noel and his team were playing in mainland Europe most weekends and also travelled further afield to North and South America, Asia, Australasia and Africa.

2006 saw 'Calling All Nations' take place at the stadium in Berlin, attended by 25,000 people from 41 different nations and viewed live around the world on television, by thousands more.

In addition to the regular concerts, Noel released 9 solo albums during the period 1990 to 2008. More information on these are in the MUSIC section of the website.







After the Berlin project, Noel and Tricia took time out in 2007, to evaluate what they should be doing in the next phase of their lives together. With their children grown up, married to Americans and living in the USA, it was an opportunity for something new. 

In 2010, they moved permanently to Palma de Mallorca, Spain and since then their songwriting has taken a fresh direction and resulted in three albums – 'Favourite Place', 'Wonderful' and 'Quiet My Soul'.

The Hudson Taylors




Also in 2010, Noel resumed his working relationship with Wayne Drain and Brian Houston in 'The Hudson Taylors'. The rootsy acoustic trio had recorded their first album 'Hurricane' in 2001 and toured throughout 2002/3. In 2011, they recorded a second album 'The Lord Bless and Keep You' and toured extensively


2012 - The Hudson Taylors. l to r Wayne Drain, Brian Houston, Noel

2012 - The Hudson Taylors. l to r Wayne Drain, Brian Houston, Noel

The Present



These days Noel & Tricia perform together as an acoustic duo.

In September 2017, they released a 6 track EP - "Quiet My Soul" - which is an acoustic album featuring their best known congregational worship songs and some new ones.

More information on what they are doing can be found at the their website – NOELANDTRICIA.COM

Press Pack

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Career Details

Solo singer/songwriter (1972 - present)

Publisher - Thankyou Music (UK and Europe) 
Capitol CMG Publishing (Worldwide)

Record labels - Integrity UK 

Song Resources -

Toured in 36 countries: Albania, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uganda, UK, USA, Zimbabwe.

Noel currently has many songs that feature in the CCLI top 500, Church Copyright listing.


1996 - Organised and performed at "Champion of the World", Wembley Arena, London, UK. Audience 11,500

1997 - Organised and performed at "Champion of the World", Wembley Stadium, London, UK, with an attendance of almost 45,000, making it the biggest contemporary Christian music event ever staged in that venue.

2000 - Noel Richards Band had the privilege of playing at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales, to a crowd of 66,000 people. This event was organised by BBC Television and was broadcast live to an audience of at least 5 million in the UK. HRH The Prince of Wales also attended this event.

2000 - Noel Richards Band played an event at Reebok Stadium, Bolton. Audience 12,000.

2001 - Noel Richards Band at Pioneer Stadium, Budapest, Hungary. Audience 10,000

2002 - Performed solo at The Call, Flushing Meadows, New York City. Audience 60,000

2002 - Performed at Kisstadion, Budapest, Hungary. Audience 19,000.

2003 - Performed at The Call, Candlestick Park, San Francisco with his band The Hudson Taylors. Audience 30,000

2006 - Organised and performed with Noel Richards Band at "Calling all Nations", Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany. Audience 25,000.

2009 Noel Richards Band participate in two BBC Songs of Praise programmes with an audience of at least 2 million people for each show.

Noel has participated at major events in the UK and elsewhere, such as Parachute Festival (NZ), March for Jesus (UK), Spring Harvest (UK), Worship Together (Canada, UK), Easter People (UK), Ezazanap (Hungary), Jesus Tag (Germany). 


The Danger Line - (1986) 
Lionheart - (1989) 
By Your Side - (1990)
Up to Zion - (1991)
Thunder in the Skies - (1993) UK Christian Booksellers Album of the Year 1994
Warrior - (1994)
Noel Richards Live - (1996)
Dangerous People - (1996)
Calling All Nations - (1999)
Hurricane - The Hudson Taylors - (2002)
Road to Berlin - (2004)
25 The Singer, The Songs - (2005)
Heaven's King - (2008)
All Heaven declares - The very best of Noel Richards - (2010)
The Lord bless and keep you - The Hudson Taylors - (2011)
Favourite Place - Noel & Tricia Richards (2013)
Wonderful - Noel & Tricia Richards (2015)
Quiet My Soul - Noel & Tricia Richards (2017)                                                                                                                                                                                                          


As well as the albums listed on his discography, Noel has also appeared on numerous "live" event/compilation albums. The most successful of these is Sparrow records "I could sing of your love forever" on which Noel is featured singing a live version of "We want to see Jesus lifted high". This album has sold in excess of 500,000 units.


Seed (1975 - 1976) based in Bristol, England. Toured UK and Belgium

Shamgar (1977 - 1980) based in Plymouth, England. Toured Devon, Cornwall
Recordings - Getting Closer (1977)

Noel Richards Band (1986 - present). Toured worldwide.
Warrior Live Video (1995)
Noel Richards Live (1996)
Live from Wembley Arena (1996)
Champion of the World Live (1997)
The Road to Berlin (2004)

The Hudson Taylors- Noel Richards, Wayne Drain, Brian Houston - (2001 - present). 
Toured UK, Holland, Ireland, Germany, USA, Canada.
Hurricane (2002)
The Lord bless and keep you (2011)