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This Is The Day Spain 

What a great night we had in Madrid, Spain on Friday 26th May. A great line-up of local artists and headliners Israel Houghton and Hillsong London. 4,500 people filled the arena in Fuenlabrada on the outskirts of Madrid. The event was a real party with exuberant praise and passionate worship. It was a privilege to be a part of the programme.

If you understand Spanish, here is a report on the event. CLICK

Please take a look at the highlights video. More videos to come in the next few weeks.

New Podcast - Prophetic or Nostalgic 

The past 50 years has seen the exponential growth of the contemporary worship movement and brought the Church new songs and hymns. The songs of our generation were radical and prophetic when first written. But it is easy to settle for these past blessings and the hymnology that we are comfortable with. In this podcast we reflect on our own experiences of songs and worship. Are we still moving forward, embracing what God is doing now, with new songs that reflect this. Is our worship still prophetic, or has…

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New Podcast - Shortbread, Kings and Presidents 

The coronation of King Charles has just happened in the UK and a US Presidential election is just around the corner. 

Wayne Drain and Noel Richards talk about their attitude toward those who 'reign over us'.

Click on the image to listen

New Podcast - Off Grid Christianity Easter Special 

Martin Scott and I return for another 'Off Grid Christianity' special podcast, hosted by Martin Purnell.

Not only do we do battle in an Easter (loosely) themed quiz, but we answer topical Easter questions as well. Such as - Did Jesus have to die on the cross? Did Judas go to Heaven? Was the Last Supper meal like a Doner Kebab? What is a Hot Cross Slider? All these questions and more are answered in this podcast. I also provide the music with three of my Easter songs.

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Welsh Revival 

Today is St David's Day, and I remembered this beautiful version of the Welsh Revival Hymn - "Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean". Nikki Rose sang this at The Event Without Walls. The image below is of the church where the revival began.......

Click on the image to listen to the song.

"Off Grid Christianity - Christmas Podcast" 

"Off Grid Christianity - Christmas Special". 
This podcast is now available. It features myself and Martin Scott trying to answer trivial and serious questions posed by Martin Purnell. Festive music is also featured. If you are looking for some humour plus stimulating conversation, during the Christmas period, try this episode! 


Christmas Party Live Online!!! 

On Friday December 9th, please join Martin Scott, Martin Purnell and me for a live recording of the Off Grid Christianity Christmas podcast! You will be able to see us via this website, my Facebook profile, or YouTube channel.

On Facebook and YouTube you can message us during the recording. This promo video has more details. See you December 9th from 7.30 pm UK time. Please bring your own wine and let us know what it is!