Acoustic version of ' You Laid Aside Your Majesty'

James Hargreaves Band from Darlington sent me this version of 'You Laid Aside Your Majesty', which they recorded for Easter. Click on the image to play. A really nice version with the voices blending well. To listen to more of…Read more

Easter Songs

Over the years we have written many songs which have an Easter theme. We have uploaded six of them to the website, so that you can stream them and be reminded of our timeless hope. Yesterday Frederick Buechner posted these…Read more

Commissioning BBC One's 'The Battle for Christianity'

BBC TV's The Battle for Christianity examines the reasons behind a rise in popularity in Christianity in the UK in a documentary which shows how confident, assertive faith is replacing traditional churches in the UK. BBC Head of Religion &amp…

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In Love with Donald Trump

This is a very thought provoking article which seeks to explain why Evangelical Christians in the USA are prepared to support Donald Trump. Challenging and disturbing.
I have posted the article in full but you can also read it on…Read more

New Video

Take a few minutes to listen to this song from Bryn Haworth. Click on the image to play the video. Excellent!

Vintage Guitar

Some people buy and sell their guitars with great frequency. I have had a number of different ones over the years. However, one that I will never part with is my Martin 00028. I bought this guitar at Christmas 1976…Read more

Holy Joke?

Fred Buechner always has a fresh way of looking at spirituality. I have always liked to hear those who offer a different perspective.

Fred Buechner writes: 

"I suspect that Jesus spoke many of his parables as a kind of sad

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Noel at Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral - Your Kingdom Come 

An informal celebration for Pentecost with baptism and confirmation, led by the Bishop of Coventry. Featuring Noel Richards and Ian Nicholson from 24-7 prayer.  
Over Pentecost 2016, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York…

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