Noel's Albums

This is the list of albums released by Noel, starting with the latest and working back to the very first recording in 1986. You can listen to selected tracks off each album and buy MP3s or even CDs where indicated. 

All Heaven Declares - The Very Best of Noel Richards

Released 2010

This album is a compilation of Noel & Tricia's best loved songs to date and contains 15 tracks.

1 There Is Power In The Name of Jesus
2 Welcome King of Kings
3 I Really Want To Worship You My Lord
4 Overwhelmed By Love
5 To Be In Your Presence (My Desire) - featured
6 Restorer Of My Soul
7 He Has Risen
8 Come Lord Jesus
9 By Your Side
10 All Heaven Declares
11 Love Songs From Heaven
12 Nothing Shall Separate Us
13 I Will Seek Your Face 
14 Behold The Lord
15 You Are My Passion - featured

No longer available in CD format but available for download

as 'The Best of Noel Richards' from iTunes


Love Songs From Heaven

Released 2008

This album is the fruit of another great idea from Steven Doherty who was Noel's A&R person at Kingsway in 2007. He has a knack of coming up with so many of these! In 2007, Steven suggested this project to Noel, who loved the idea of having a fresh interpretation of his songs, sung by different lead worshippers and singers.

These are the artists who participated in the project – Brenton Brown, Aaron Keyes, Darlene Zschech, Brian Doerksen, Tim Hughes, Martin Smith, Kelly Minter, Matt Redman, Lou Fellingham, Graham Kendrick, David Ruis, Stuart Townend and Cathy Burton. They have breathed new life into each of these songs.

1 Love songs from Heaven
Dreamers of Your dreams
All Heaven Declares
All my love
Overwhelmed by love
By Your side
You laid aside Your majesty
You are my passion
10 Behold the Lord
11 Great is the darkness
12 When I worship You
13 To be in Your presence

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Heaven's King

Released 2008

Recorded in Nashville, USA and featuring the following tracks

1 Heaven’s King - featured
2 This Is The Day (Hosanna)
3 Your Words Are Life
4 We Thank You God
5 For The World That He Has Made
6 Great Is The Love (The Light That Shines)
7 This Is Our Greatest Joy (Hallelujah)
8 Is There A Place (Hear My Cry)
9 All Of My Lifetime
10 All Over This World - featured


Noel Richards - 25 Years, The Singer, The Songs

Released 2005.

This is a beautiful 6 CD box set that Noel's publishers created. It contains all 5 of Noel's studio albums from 1990 to 1999 and 1 CD of 'live' tracks.

1 By Your Side
2 Thunder in the Skies
3 Warrior
4 Dangerous People
5 Calling All Nations
6 Live Compilation

Two of the songs from the 'live' CD - Jesus Christ, Dreamers of Your Dreams, are featured below. Both were recorded in Toronto, Canada.

There are still copies available which you can purchase at from this website.

There is also a beautiful 25 page PDF booklet that you can download, giving you the story behind all these albums. A must for every collector!

 CD Booklet (free download)

Road to Berlin - Noel Richards Band

Released 2004.

This album was recorded at the height of preparations for the big worship gathering at the Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany. Noel and his band were touring worldwide and they wanted a product that audiences could take home with them, featuring this line-up. The album was released with a DVD of the Wembley Stadium Event, to further spread the vision for stadium gatherings. There were 12 songs on this album.

1 There Is Only One God
2 There's A Time
3 All Together Now
4 Could You
5 Dreamers Of Impossible Dreams
6 Open Skies
7 Always
8 Break Our Hearts Again
9 Good And Gracious
10 Praise The Lord In All The Earth - featured
11 Dreamers Of Your Dreams
12 Calling All Nations

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Noel Richards - Live

Released 1996.

In December 1994, Noel concluded the 'Warrior' Tour with two nights at London's Regents Hall. The concerts were recorded for the Warrior Tour Video and the tracks were subsequently released on this 'live' album. This album is no longer available but some of the tracks were included in the 'live' compilation which was released with the 6 CD box set - "Noel Richards - 25 Years, The Singer, The Songs"

'Overwhelmed By Love' is the featured track opposite.

Calling All Nations

Released 1999.

Since 1997, the vision to call the nations to worship in Berlin and beyond had been the driving force behind everything Noel was doing.

In 1998, he got together with his good friend and fellow songwriter, Wayne Drain, from Russellville, Arkansas. Wayne thought that Noel's next album should be one that speaks of calling nations to worship. They worked together on the song ‘Calling All Nations’ which became the title track of the album.

This album was mainly recorded in the inspiring surroundings of Waverley House in Surrey, England, a genuine stately home. It was wonderful to record a ‘real’ string section in the ballroom at the house. All that was missing were the period costumes!  Other studios used were Soundfield, Derby; Black Barn, Ripley; ICC Studio 2 and Ground Zero.

1 Calling All Nations
2 Come Now Is The Time To Worship
3 Passion For Jesus
4 How Can I Live
5 All I Want Is You
6 I'm Crying Out
7 I Believe
8 Let The People Hear
9 What Jesus Would Have Done
10 When I Worship You
11 How I Long For You/All I Know

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Released 1994.

Everything moved up a gear with this album, which was recorded between June and September 1994. Noel had carried a vision for a worship event at London’s Wembley Stadium, since 1986. A number of things happened in May of 1994, which set him on a course to see the vision realised. 

This album marked the start of a three-year journey, which concluded at Wembley on June 28th 1997, when almost 45,000 gathered for a day of worship and prayer.
It was recorded in England between June and September 1994 at The Music Shed, Derby; ICC Studios, Eastbourne; Marcus Studios, London and Snake Ranch, London.

Among songs included from other writers was ‘We want to see Jesus lifted high’ written by Doug Horley, which has become so popular around the world. People often assume Noel wrote it, as the recording that has been heard the most, is his ‘live’ version from Wembley Stadium. 

1 Warrior
2 I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
3 The Battle Is The Lord's
4 I Walk By Faith
5 Sing To The Lord
6 He Has Risen
7 Good News
8 Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
9 Overwhelmed By Love
10 For All The People Who Live On The Earth
11 We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
12 Champion

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Dangerous People

Released 1996.

Noel recorded this album in England during the summer of 1996 for an autumn release, which coincided with the Dangerous People Tour, taking in more than 20 UK venues. Studios used for this recording were ICC, Eastbourne; Soundfield Studios, Derby; and Black Barn Studios, Ripley.

The album was recorded with stadium worship events in mind and many of the songs were sung at Wembley in June 1997. 

This album contained 12 tracks:
1 Love songs from heaven - featured track
2 Keep on praying
3 Let your love come down
4 I do believe
5 I want to be out of my depth
6 There is no-one like our God
7 Dangerous people
8 Come out of darkness
9 Have you heard the good news
10 You are my passion
11 I see the Lord
12 Are we the people

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Thunder In The Skies

Released 1993.

In 1992, Noel began work on the follow up album to By Your Side. Les Moir was aware of his vision to see stadiums filled with worship and encouraged the writing of songs that would work in gatherings of thousands of people. Songs such as ‘Behold the Lord’, ‘Nothing shall separate us’ and ‘Come, Lord Jesus’, reflected this new direction. 

The content of the album focussed on the majesty and glory of God, the mission of the church and the return of Christ.

The album was well received, especially by the UK Christian bookshop owners. They voted it ‘Album of the Year’ in 1994.

1 My Lips Shall Praise You
2 Welcome King Of Kings
3 Lord I Lift Your Name On High
4 You Are Mighty
5 Behold The Lord
6 Lord And Father
7 To Be In Your Presence
8 Thunder In The Skies
9 Nothing Shall Separate Us
10 The Closing Days
11 Come Lord Jesus
12 Jubilee Song
13 For The Rest Of My Days

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By Your Side

Released 1990.

Noel first met the late John Paculabo – (former managing director of Kingsway) in 1974. John was in a band called Parchment and Noel was the support act for their gig at Swansea University. Over the next 15 years, their paths seldom crossed but in 1989 Noel spent some time talking with John at an arts conference in DeBron, Holland. John had recently joined Kingsway Music. 

Shortly after this meeting, John suggested that Noel record a worship album for Kingsway. 

Les Moir was asked to produce this album and their friendship and collaboration continues to this day. 

On choosing the songs for the album, they realised that Noel had enough strong material for 8 of the 12 tracks needed. So they decided to include songs from other writers. These were songs that Noel already used and wanted to introduce to a wider audience. Noel has continued this process on all of his subsequent albums.

By Your Side was recorded between June and August 1990 at ICC Studio 2, Eastbourne and released in the autumn of that year. It is probably Noel's most mellow album. In those days, the concept of a guitar driven rock’n’roll worship album was a bridge too far! So it has more of a soft rock feel. It also features some great musicians and singers from the world of UK black Gospel. 

1 There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus
2 Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord
3 Our Confidence Is In The Lord
4 Medley: Jesus Christ Is Lord/All Heaven Declares/I Will Seek Your Face O Lord
5 Sing To The Lord (Glory To The Lord)
6 Cast Your Burdens (Higher, Higher)
7 You Laid Aside Your Majesty
8 Sovereign Lord
9 Lord You Are Calling
10 By Your Side

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Released 1989.

Produced by Andy Piercy and recorded at ICC Studios, Eastbourne, UK in 1989. This album was originally released on cassette only, through the Pioneer/Word UK label. The album featured Noel's current live band at that time and the songs were mainly performance rather than for corporate worship. The album is now  available in MP3 format.


Producer: Andy Piercy 
Doug Horley (Duggie Dug Dug) - lead guitar 
Dougie Brown - keys 
Alun Leppitt - drums 
Craig Rickards - sax 
Simon Deeth - bass 
Lead vocals - Noel 
BVs - band

The Danger Line

Released 1996.

This was Noel's first ever solo studio recording and contained a collection of his CCM songs. Two worship songs were included as a medley - "You laid aside Your majesty" and "Lord and Father, King Forever" - which was the first one he ever wrote, way back in 1979. 

In those days, he was not concentrating too much on writing worship songs. 

The album was recorded at ICC Studios, Eastbourne, UK and released through the Pioneer/Word UK label. 

This was the only album that Noel ever released on 12" vinyl. It was also available in cassette format. 

The album was produced by Paul Field and featured some legendary musicians such as Bryn Haworth, Dave Markee (ex Eric Clapton Band) and Clem Cattini (The Tornados).